Organics & Farm to Table

You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap or fake.

This is a topic dear to our heart because we love to feed people healthy, delicious food that makes them feel good. We also love our planet, so when it comes to helping your organization to affordably and efficiently incorporate fresh, organic foods, we’re there!

Farmers and distributors are becoming more and more sophisticated with organics and farm-to-table delivery, making incorporating these goods within reach of senior living communities. Oftentimes though, culinary teams are doing the best they can to keep up, which means getting them to incorporate changes can be challenging at times. The Culinary Coach can become a part of your team, providing the foundation for adding more organics and farm-to-table items to the menu without a lot of additional expense or planning.

Once added, your community has a sound branding differentiator and you can stand out among your competition to win new customers. Your existing customers will thank you too! After all, it cost five times more to get new customer than to retain an existing one.

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