We Are

A team of seasoned senior living culinary professionals ready to help you make your dining program a success.

We Provide

Consulting, coaching and training for culinary departments with expertise on staffing, menus, equipment and more.

We Exist

To make you successful with proven tactics that create happy, healthy and profitable dining programs.

Our Approach

Making delicious food is a baseline for any community, but turning food into an effective part of your business is an art. The Culinary Coach is focused on both. We work to enhance any culinary environment, whether it’s managed internally or is contracted by a food management provider. Using proven strategies, procedures and trade secrets, our collaborative approach is fun, positive and highly effective.


Equipment Consulting

Menu Planning

Cocktail Consulting

Procedures & Manual

The Coach is on Your Side

Retainer Service

A monthly retainer gives you on-call access for answers on equipment, staffing, menus and more.

Dining Turn Around

Reinvent your dining program, from the basics to evolving it to meet the needs of today’s health conscious consumers.

Organics, Farm-to-Table

When purchased well, organics are affordable and farm-to-table options become possible, which adds cache to your brand!

Clients Love Us

“The Culinary Coach painlessly came in and turned around the dining program in all of my communities within five months, providing new menus, procedures, manuals and more. I am so thankful, after having had an ineffective dining consultant on retainer for years without the same result, Shawn delivered.”

“Shawn Boling is a fun, dynamic and inspirational leader. He finds efficient solutions to common and not-so-common problems that my dining program was facing. Within a year, he turned it around, created a wine club, added display cooking and absolutely delighted my residents. All while increasing our profit margins.”