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During this upcoming holiday season, resident engagement is more important than ever. We’re here to help.

5 Senses of the Season

December 1, 11am PST

Why is this so important? It’s very likely that most—if not all—senior living, assisted living and memory care communities will be under lockdown this year due to COVID-19. This will be a difficult season for residents who won’t be able to see their families or participate in group or community activities. Lifting the spirits and engaging the senses of residents are more important than ever.

What will happen at the play-shop? Our presenters will walk you through five (plus one surprise) activity demonstrations during the one-hour seminar. Each of them is designed to engage multiple senses in remarkable and unique ways.

Afterwards, you’ll be sent activity lessons you can share with your team so you can recreate the activities for your residents at your community. Each activity is inexpensive, easy to do and lots of fun! You’ll also be introduced to a few interesting principles about neuroscience you can readily apply to support your residents’ wellness.

Gifts you say? Yes! It wouldn’t be holidays without presents, would it? For those attendees who stay for the entire presentation, you will be eligible to participate in the gift drawing:

  • Eldergrow’s new Windowsill Garden
  • Handmade pottery mug created by Chef Shawn Boling from Culinary Coach, plus mulling spices and a small bottle of bourbon.

Meet the Presenters

Dr Kelly Tremblay

Dr. Kelly Tremblay

Dr. Tremblay worked as a tenured Professor of Neuroscience and Audiology at the University of Washington for more than 20 years, where she held the position as the Director of the Brain and Behavior Laboratory. She’s also a contributor to The World Health Organization “World Report on Ageing and Health” published in 2015 and “Guidelines for Integrated Care for Older People” and its toolkit, published on October 1, 2019. She also judges research grants for the National Institutes of Health Communication Disorders Review Committee.

Dr. Tremblay believes that advocacy and action are inseparable from one another. To that end, she offers coaching and consultancy to help the aging world stay productive and socially connected through technology and psychology.

As highly sought after public speaker and panelist, Dr. Tremblay delivers presentations on a wide-range of related topics on aging, accessibility and inclusion, career development, and technological innovations aimed at enhancing human communication and hearing health.

Rebecca Brogan

Rebecca Brogan

Rebecca Brogan has been an Educator and Trainer with Eldergrow for several years, and helps to develop Eldergrow’s curriculum. She also managed Eldergrow’s indoor therapeutic sensory gardens where she taught Memory Care and Assisted Living residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, certifications in Horticulture, Permaculture and Nursery Management from Merritt College (where she is an ongoing guest lecturer), along with studies in brain injury and development from The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Pennsylvania.

Currently, she also manages the caretaking for her elderly mother who has Parkinsons and dementia as well as her son who suffered a traumatic brain injury very early in life – both of whom have given her deeper levels of appreciation to help support and encourage those who struggle with similar needs.

Mike Peacock

Mike Peacock

Mike’s passion for cooking and experimentation began in childhood and led him to a life-long career in the Food Industry. This career has spanned almost 30 years, and his vast experience includes positions as Executive Chef, Culinary Director, Event Coordinator, Private Chef, and Cooking Instructor. Mike has extensive experience in product sourcing, menu and recipe development, vendor relations, POS integration, FOH and BOH training, and system implementation. His direct method of communication ensures that all parties involved in a project have a clear and concise understanding of expectations and outcomes.

As an Executive Chef and Project Manager for Culinary Coach and 3rdThird Marketing, his focus is on quality, consistency, and communication. He also spearheads the newly launched 3rdThird/Culinary Coach Podcast, which aims to bring innovation and fresh ideas to the world of senior living.


Orla Concannon

Orla Concannon is the Founder and CEO of Eldergrow, an innovative Seattle-based company that brings nature indoors to elders living in senior living communities. Orla has been a lifelong advocate for our elders working in the healthcare field for nearly twenty years. After working for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and senior living communities in the Pacific Northwest, Orla developed Eldergrow while earning her Leadership Healthcare MBA and studying Therapeutic Horticulture thereafter.

She is dedicated to fighting ageism and providing purpose through meaningful connections to nature, resulting in the creation of Eldergrow in 2015, which is now in senior living communities throughout the U.S. Orla regularly speaks at senior living and healthcare events, presenting on the evidence-based benefits of nature and ways we can all easily integrate nature into our lives.

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Hearing Poster

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