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    Back of House [BOH] & Front of House [FOH] Training and Materials.

    Success starts with hiring and training well, and then giving employees fair compensation and a clear path to success. It all contributes to lower turnover and a thriving culture.

    We’ll help you run the numbers to determine the win-win sweet spot for employee pay. Plus, we’ll help you establish a leadership culture, provide baseline training materials, and develop policies to create a positive and engaged dining department.

    If there’s a yard stick, you can measure it.

    Training materials are critical to operating a successful dining program. When your team knows what to expect and have been trained, there are key metrics, goals and checkups for success and coaching. The Culinary Coach offers process, procedures and coaching to help you get the best out of your team.


    Kitchen Documentation

    Kitchen Documentation

    • Temp charts
    • Date systems
    • Sheet to shelf
    • Proper temperatures
    • And more

    Customer Service Training

    Customer Service Training

    • Greeting, social skills
    • Speed of service
    • POS, firing orders
    • And more

    Back of House

    Back of House

    • Batch cooking
    • Ordering
    • Buffet cooking and planning
    • Catering

    Front of House

    Front of House

    • Reservations
    • Timing and firing orders
    • Principles of table service
    • Service design, user experience

    Success Stories

    Expansive Life Plan Community Campus

    The community was struggling to make a decision on their dining director. He was loved by some of the residents but when it came to the staff and performance, he was falling down. The client had no way of knowing which way to turn, so they hired The Culinary Coach to come in to perform an evaluation.

    The engagement uncovered significant performance deficits and resident dissatisfaction (despite some residents loving this person) and therefore the C-level team felt comfortable in making a termination decision. A transitional engagement was put in place to smooth over the period without the director until the new director could be hired.

    Single Site Community

    The landlocked community knew their food quality and service were consistently poor but the executive director didn’t know what to do about it. The first step: Evaluation which uncovered that the method of promotion in the culinary department didn’t take into account the qualifications of the chef. Who wasn’t actually a chef. The correction engagement commenced with new recipes, cycle menus, training, service training.

    The waterfront community restaurant was undergoing a complete remodel. With short notice the Culinary Coach team developed a buffet menu, moved the restaurant, managed movement of the POS system and trained staff. During the remodel introduced new recipes and menus to the kitchen team. Residents were delighted! The restaurant moved back and went back to a serve-to-order service style. A huge success and disaster averted with the restaurant remodel and move.

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