No Problems. Only Solutions.

Owning a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart but managing a community that feeds a hundred or more people three times a day can be mind boggling for many.. Culinary management is a skill that’s learned over many years in the business and is one that is teachable and reliably reproducible. At the Culinary Coach, we take the best business practices and culinary skills from luxury, Life Plan communities that command a million dollar entrance fees and apply them to month-to-month assisted living and memory care communities to achieve the same results. We’re flexible to help you find the solution that’s right for you, whether it’s a one-time consultation or an ongoing relationship.

Custom Consulting

Dining is more than delicious food, it encompasses hospitality and creating memorable experiences. Add to that an emphasis on dietary needs and health, and it gets complicated fast. Our work starts with collaborating with leadership teams, to identify goals, milestone and outcomes. Then we provide strong tactical solutions to help you meet them.

See Custom Engagements

  • Program Turn Arounds
  • Experience Programs
  • Staffing Programs
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Training
  • Dining Program Design

Bells & Whistles

If your dining program is doing well, but you’re ready to take it to the next level, we can do that! Today’s senior living residents are sophisticated, health conscious, and are looking for more than canned veggies and gravy.

See Enhancement Programs

  • Incorporating Cocktails
  • Organics
  • Farm-To-Table
  • POS Systems
  • Service Upgrades
  • Upscale Menus
  • Wine Clubs

New Communities & Relaunch

If you’re spending a hundred million dollars to develop a new community, significant planning should go into the culinary program. Not only because it will help to position your brand, but planning in advance will save time and money down the road with right kind of equipment and staffing.

See Services

  • Program Design
  • Architectural Review
  • Equipment Consulting
  • Costing, Estimating
  • Procedural Documentation