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    The best time to design your new dining program is before breaking ground on a new community.

    Building menus and dining concepts from the ground up not only gives you the best results, it also saves money and provides the opportunity to create something truly special.

    The menu and service plans affect the kitchen design, plumbing, wiring, interior design and equipment purchasing. We can’t tell you how many kitchens we’ve seen that needed retroactive work due to not planning the menu and cooking process first.

    The bonus win: Reviewing architectural plans, dining plans and expansion plans will save money on capital expenses later.

    Dining Concept & Design

    Dining Concept & Design

    • Menus, recipes, wine lists, cocktail bars, grab and go
    • Buying guides, ingredient sourcing
    • Kitchen and dining room design input
    • Restaurant branding, menu graphic design, signage
    • POS system consulting and set up
    • Staffing, training, HR documentation
    • Points and pricing consulting
    Kitchen and Dining Plan Review

    Kitchen & Dining Plan Review

    • Water, electrical location
    • Traffic patterns
    • Staging, timing of service
    • Refrigeration, equipment purchasing and reviews
    • Dining room layout, counter service, open air cooking

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