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    One meal at a time.

    The Culinary Coach is a consulting division of 3rdThird Marketing, born out of the need for senior living and aging services companies to have direct access to experts in the culinary field.

    Our goal is to help you deliver delicious and aesthetically pleasing dining experiences to senior living residents, including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing.

    Our passion for well-prepared meals and developing a creative, positive culture with their dining teams influences everything we do. From developing easy-to-follow recipes to working alongside dining crews for training, we’ll help you shine.

    We have the secret sauce to boost dining quality while lowering overall costs, in many some cases up to 15% lower than what you pay today. And perhaps much lower than what you would pay for contract dining.

    We’re not consultants who make a bunch of recommendations—and then leave you holding the bag. Nor are we contract dining, either. We are on-site, hands-on coaches who literally train your existing workforce to prepare healthier, tastier meals that your residents will simply love.

    Unlike contract dining, we’ll help you set up proven systems that will put you in control of your dining destiny. Plus, what you save, you can reinvest into quality ingredients.

    Once implementation phase is completed, we’ll support you with ongoing coaching to make sure all those changes stick.

    Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities. To get started call 888-776-5135 or fill out the form below.