Dining with Dignity

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    For people in assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care, meal times are often the highlight of their day.

    With planning, and a little creativity, your residents can be delighted with stimulating experiences feast for the senses, sight, smell, texture, taste and sound.

    The Culinary Coach Dining with Dignity Program helps communities deliver appealing and tasty dining experiences to health service residents that are on par with independent living.

    Let us show you how.


      • Menus, recipes, cycle menus
      • Cooking methods, puree, mechanical soft, grind diets
      • Dining room consulting for experience upgrades
      • Ordering and server process training
      • Menu graphic design and marketing messaging you can use to stand out among your competitors
      • Feedback loop for customer comment collection
      • Server training for AL, MC and skilled nursing residents

    Dining Science with Dr. Kelly

    Science and food intersect in so many ways. From a biological standpoint the science of our senses—taste, sight, smell, sound affect not only our health but how we FEEL. All of this is touched by your community’s dining program and can benefit from Dining with Dignity.

    Culinary Coach’s advisory board member, Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PHD is helping us to helping us to blend sensory science with our culinary programs. Kelly is a neuroscientist, audiologist and a retired professor from the University of Washington, who has contributed to the World Health Organization’s Report on Aging, and is a published researcher.


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