Dining Turn Around

Everything needs a tune-up now and then, and the same is true for your dining program.

A happy customer will tell 11 people about their experience, but an unhappy customer tells 15. Over time, this has cumulative impact on business and your reputation, both inside and outside your community. Plus, with the popularity of social media, unhappy residents or their adult children can become highly problematic to your bottom line. By feeding people two to three meals a day, there are plenty of opportunities to create rave reviews or poor ones.

It’s easy to have the culinary department become challenged. Staffing issues, poor food quality or even bad equipment can makes delivering hot food and clean dishes a challenge, even for a highly motivated kitchen.

The Culinary Coach starts all turn-arounds by spending time with your leadership team, in your community and most importantly, with your culinary team. We identify the issues and then present a strategy and easy to follow action plan to address them.

The process is painless and always delivers a high return on investment with approaches that could include staffing, menus, purchasing and equipment. It’s easy to get started! Call (425) 478-9090 or fill out the form!