Dining Program Evaluation

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    Something needs to change, but you’re not sure what.

    Whether you’re in a dining contract or managing dining in-house, an evaluation is the right first step to get your bearings. Is it dining? The physical kitchen? Lack of proper tools and training? Exempt and non-exempt staffing issues?

    The Culinary Coach evaluation is a friendly engagement delivered in a helpful spirit that includes on-site time, performing focus groups, evaluating kitchen layout, equipment, contracts, spend downs and spending time with the dining team. We arm you with knowledge to make the case for big changes later and minor adjustments to improve quality in the short term.

    Once you know what needs to be fixed, we can help fix it.

    Program turn arounds can be simple, such as addressing a staffing issue, or they can include a longer-term fix such as adding new cycle menus, buying guides and recipes.

    Turn arounds can include any combination of the following:

    • New cycle menus, recipes
    • Kitchen process and procedures
    • Equipment upgrades
    • Front of house process and training
    • Staffing, culture building
    • Take out process
    • Reservations
    • POS systems and more

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