Culinary Support Retainer

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    What is a Culinary Support Retainer?

    If you have ever wondered why our name is “Culinary Coach” instead of “Culinary Consultant”, you’re in good company.

    Here’s the difference: A consultant will leave you with a long list of issues to remedy and then walk out the door, leaving all that complex implementation up to you. A Culinary Coach is in it for the long haul. We provide hands-on support organizations need to follow through on the implementations. That because dining services is a very complicated, fast-paced, and emotionally driven department with many moving parts. Another word for that is “team.” And like all teams, you need a coach to help them train, improve performance and win consistently.

    The Culinary Support Retainer (CSR) keeps the foundations and principles of recently installed programs on track and running smoothly until they have been adapted naturally into a daily routine. We create the winning habits to make those changes permanently embedded in your culinary culture and self-perpetuating. We certainly don’t want to keep you dependent upon us. Our goal is to get you fully self-operating without our help as soon as possible.

    What’s included with the monthly retainer:

    • Support from our entire culinary team
    • Access to the Culinary Coach 24/7 via phone, text, or email
    • Expedient time responses to all questions, concerns, or advice
    • Monthly community check-up visits to keep processes and procedures on track
    • Weekly Zoom meetings with exempt team members progress
    • Executive Chef 9-1-1, on-site visits as needed
    • 30 hours of support per month

    How long you need us is up to you. Typically, we recommend a six month to one year retainer with one-month checkups every six months after that. However, each culinary department is different

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